OCC Students Take Part in Weatherization Project

OCC students take part in Weatherization Project in the city of Detroit.

Students in a sustainability class at OCC took part in a #GivingTuesday service project to weatherize 20 homes in Detroit’s North End Neighborhood on December 3.

The students are part of a sustainability class taught by OCC faculty Debra Rowe, Ph.D.

Rowe is the convener of the Detroit Green Skills Alliance, funded by the Detroit Regional Workforce Fund to grow the green economy and provide jobs for Detroit residents.

Students partnered with Young Detroit Builders (YDB), a non-profit organization offering a program of GED exam preparation, academic support services, counseling, leadership development, life skills, on-the-job residential construction training and NCCER certification since 1996.

The partnership also included CLEARCorps/Detroit, Bank of America, the Michigan Urban Farming Initiative, Green Works, Detroiters Working for Environmental Justice and Oakland Community College. Volunteers helped low-income families increase their home’s energy efficiency and reduce energy costs during the winter months. OCC students were Kaile Clark and Eddie Sykes.

“Young Detroit Builders was looking for green project ideas and Dr. Rowe was very kind in meeting with us via conference call to brainstorm ideas,” said Megan Edwin, YDB Community Partnership & Volunteer Coordinator. “She also invited us to one of her classes to find out about possible project ideas and learn how we might go about building them. Once our weatherization project was lined up I reached out to the students and invited them to join us.”

Volunteers installed window kits, door sweeps and pipe wrap to homes on Atkinson and Edison. Young Detroit Builders provided a weatherization training session to teach volunteers. Young Detroit Builders volunteers hope the experience will encourage volunteers to apply what they’ve learned at home and pass it forward to others.

CLEARCorps/Detroit was founded in 1999 and works to prevent lead poisoning and create Healthy Homes for children and families through programs, education and outreach, and policy work.

Bank of America’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts focus on creating economically vibrant regions and communities through lending, investing and giving. The core areas of focus include responsible business practices, environmental sustainability, strengthening local communities with a focus on housing, hunger and jobs, investing in global leadership development, and engaging communities through arts and culture.


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