Governor Rick Snyder Touts OCC Program at State of the State Address

Governor Rick Snyder touted an Oakland Community College jobs training program today at his State of the State Address.

The address inside the Capitol building was Snyder’s fourth annual State of the State address in Lansing. It gave Snyder the opportunity to highlight accomplishments.

Among these accomplishments are job trainings programs such as the innovative MAT2 (Michigan Advanced Technician Training Program) at Oakland Community College.

“Over a three-year period they work for a company, they actually get their Associate’s Degree paid for and they complete the program. If they’re successful, and they will be successful, they make a work commitment for a couple of years and they get a well-paying career,” Snyder said during his address. “The pilot’s going on this year but I’m very bullish we’re going to grow that program and we’re going to see it in all parts of Michigan, I believe, over the next few years.”

Based on the German Dual Education System, MAT2 integrates business and education to grow technology jobs and provides an innovative and efficient way to produce qualified workers.

Through MAT2, students learn mechatronics, a combination of electrical, mechanical and electronic competencies that enable a technician to identify, analyze, and solve systems-based problems.

“Governor Snyder’s effort to align education and opportunity for our community’s economic prosperity is absolutely the right thing to do for Michigan,” said Meyer, who attended the State of the State address. “It is critical to integrate employers in the development and delivery of education.”

Students learn real-world skills and earn an associate’s degree in a high-tech, high-demand field with tuition paid for by an employer. This employer hires them full-time at the start of the program, pays them a salary while in school and transitions them into a position at the end of the three-year program.

Since the program launched this fall, 18 OCC MAT2 students have started training for companies that include Brose North America, Heller Machine Tool, ZF Group, FTE Automotive, Kostal Group and EMAG.

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