Raider One Card iPad Winners Selected!

DaVaunTalbert WI14

DaVaun Talbert

JessicaHarris WI14

Jessica Harris

BrittneyGarrett WI14

Brittney Garrett

The Raider One Card team is pleased to announce the winners of its Winter 2014 “Register to Win” contest.

Brittney Garrett, DaVaun Talbert, and Jessica Harris each won an iPad Mini for registering their Raider One Cards. Along with these winners, there were a number of other $25, $50, and $100 prize winners. Congratulations to all winners!

Every Fall, Winter and Summer I semesters, the Raider One Card team presents a similar contest. Do you have a Raider One Card? Please see for details on the card and how to get one. Be sure to visit the site regularly to learn about upcoming contests and promotions.


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