Jackson Named 2014 Diversity Champion

Diversity Champion Stacey Jackson

Diversity Champion Stacey Jackson

OCC has named Coordinator of Student Development Stacey Jackson as its 2014 Diversity Champion.

Diversity Champions will be recognized at the 15th Annual Race Relations and Diversity Task Force Champion Honor Roll Breakfast on Thursday, May 8, 2014, at The Community House in Birmingham.

“Stacey’s impact on diversity at OCC cannot be overstated,” said OCC Chancellor Dr. Tim Meyer. “We are proud to have such outstanding leadership this year and in years past. OCC’s involvement in the Task Force since 2000 has made OCC a rich, vibrant and inclusive place for all people.”

Jackson’s commitment to diversity began at Aquinas College where she was the Director of Multicultural Affairs. There, she provided the campus with diversity programming and input on campus issues related to equity and inclusion. As Coordinator of Student Development at OCC, she champions diversity into student programs through workshops, speaker and panels. She is an active member of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee and Global Education Committee. She coordinates the Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service and Cultural Diversity Month events on campus. Stacey also serves as a board member of the Oakland County Diversity and Employment Council.

Jackson said she’s driven by her desire to create an environment that welcomes all differences.

“It is important to recognize differences in religion, sexual orientation, socioeconomics and class backgrounds,” she said. “This also creates a more inclusive work environment.”

The mission of the Race Relations & Diversity Task Force is to actively promote and embrace an appreciation for diversity and advocate for inclusivity, equality, and justice in the region. The Task Force grew out of a community leadership forum convened in 1987 by sixteen community agencies, including The Community House, the Birmingham Public Schools and Bloomfield Hills Schools. Its goal is to develop and maintain an open, intentional community that works to overcome racism, prejudice and discrimination through education, advocacy and response. The Community House sponsors the Task Force. Together with The Community House, the Task Force is the beneficiary of a Kellogg Foundation grant.

The Task Force invites every business, non-profit, public agency or faith community of the metro Detroit area to give special recognition to one individual whose vision of diversity has created a significant impact on others. The honored individuals make an invaluable contribution by helping to ensure that all people feel included and empowered in the shared endeavors of the organization and in the larger community.

Past OCC Diversity Champions:

Michelle Fether-Samtouni, Faculty, 2013
Dr. Sara (Sally) Hanna, 2012
Kelli Van Buren, 2011
Pamela Dorris, Professional Development and Training Director, 2010
Eric Abbey, Faculty, 2009
Dr. Jacqueline Shadko, Campus President, 2008
Beverly Stanbrough, Dean of Campus Affairs, 2007
Lloyd Crews, Dean of Campus Affairs, 2006
Wanda Pernell-Harris, Academic Support Coordinator, 2004
Richard L. Burt-Wilson, 2004
Maurice McCall, 2004
Nancy Nicholson, International Student Advisor, 2003
Rocio Oxholm-Flores, International Student Advisor, 2003
Elise Roman, Counselor, 2003
Diana Schack, International Student Advisor, 2003
JuliAnne Pardon, 2002
Imagene Bailey, Counselor, 2001
Arlene Frank, Womencenter Program Director, 2000
Marty Smydra, Faculty, 2000


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