College Social Media Presence Flourishing

Over the past year, the OCC Marketing team has placed considerable effort into developing, tailoring and expanding social media platforms to support the College’s programs, engage students, build awareness and attract media person

Last fall, OCC launched a plan to grow its online presence. New efforts included adding a focus on College strategic priorities, new social media platforms and an updated blog.

OCC is currently on seven social media platforms which include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Foursquare and a News Blog. Cindy Tanner at the OCC Foundation is responsible for the LinkedIn page, which predominantly caters to OCC alumni. Economic Workforce Development manages a Twitter account and a Facebook page for their trainings and Continuing Education Credits. The College is now looking at expanding to new platforms such as Google+ and Tumblr.

In February, Miranda Mayuiers joined the Marketing team as the OCC Social Media Consultant, replacing the previous contracted employee. In her position, she strategizes, monitors, posts, answers questions and interacts with the College community and followers on social media. Mayuiers received her BA in Communications from Marquette University in Milwaukee. She has been professionally involved in corporate marketing and social media for over 10 years. Headshot gray - original

With the addition of Miranda and the implementation of the plan, OCC’s engagement has increased on all social media platforms. Since this fall, “likes” on Facebook grew from 8,590 to 10,276. Twitter grew 51 percent and Instagram added a total of 97 followers.

“My goal is to connect Oakland Community College to its current students and engage prospective students and community members,” Mayuiers said. “Our social media will tie directly into our Educational Master Plan and recruiting efforts. I am always interested in new photos, events and success stories, so I encourage all OCC staff to connect with us online and contact me if they have something to share.”

The OCC community contributes an enormous amount of content to the College’s social media channels and the Marketing team counts on continuous exchanges from its followers, students, faculty and student groups for a thriving online presence.

The marketing team wants to hear from all of its constituents – students, faculty, alumni, staff, prospective students, work force development and community members regarding campus events, athletics, student photos and human interest stories.

If you are interested in submitting a story, photo or event for social media publication, please contact Miranda Mayuiers at (248) 341-2205 or


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