Helping Students Find Their ‘There’ While They’re Here

OCC Auburn Hills Camphotopus employees got their first taste of the enthusiasm, vision and humor President Dr. Timothy Taylor brings to his new position during a welcome breakfast August 27.

Taylor, who started in July, introduced himself to employees from various campus departments, helping build enthusiasm as students arrived on campus for fall semester.

He showcased his approach to education with an interactive presentation using volunteers from the audience, physical demonstrations and answering employee questions. Taylor shared enrollment and budget data and student completion rates and described efforts he and OCC administrators are undertaking to ensure a path for long-term student success.

Taylor said it is OCC’s role to not just help students reach their goals but to help them identify what those goals are.

He shared humorous examples of his own transition from an aspiring musician without much academic ambition to a college administrator with multiple academic degrees. Getting “there” was easier than it was to set the goals for his career, he said. Many OCC students are probably in a similar place, he said.

“We need to think about what ‘there’ is like in the lives of our students and how we can help them get there,” he said.

Taylor ended the session by starting the chant “I believe we will succeed!” He was joined by those in attendance.

By Art Aisner


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