Obama Tuition Plan Highlights Critical Role of Community Colleges

President Barack Obama’s announcement for a plan for free tuition highlights the OCC Chancellor Tim Meyerimportant role of community colleges in higher education, said Oakland Community College Chancellor Timothy R. Meyer.

“The President is on the right track connecting higher education to economic development and prosperity – the two are closely tied.”

“The proposal recognizes the value of community colleges and our mission,” he added. “We provide a low cost, high quality education to those seeking employment careers and those interested in transferring to four-year institutions. Community colleges are an excellent option because of their accessibility and program relevance to jobs in our community.”

“At OCC, we are keenly aware of our local labor markets, driving our academic programs based on those needs,” he added.

The Tennessee program Obama is touting is similar to the Kalamazoo Promise – where every high school graduate is eligible for free college tuition. Detroit and Pontiac have similar programs.

About OCC:

With five campuses throughout Oakland County, OCC is celebrating its 50th year. OCC is the largest community college in Michigan and the 25th largest in the nation. It offers degrees and certificates in more than 160 career fields and university transfer degrees in business, science and the liberal arts. More than a million students have enrolled in the college since it opened in 1965. To learn more about OCC, visit http://www.oaklandcc.edu.

About OCCollege

This blog is written and maintained by OCC's Marketing and Communications Department. Submit stories, ideas and feedback to webcontact@oaklandcc.edu.
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