Give Back to the Community this Founders Month


In celebration of Founders Month (March), OCC is asking students and employees to give back to the community. In this December photo, Auburn Hills students and staff volunteered as personal shoppers picking out Christmas gifts for children. This event was part of the Auburn Hills Student Government year-long Serving 12 for 50, which features a monthly service project in celebration of OCC’s 50th anniversary.

OCC’s founders displayed volunteerism at its best when they created Oakland County’s first community college 50 years ago.

To honor that spirit, OCC is asking College employees and students to volunteer during the month of March.

Volunteers will be recognized with a special 50th anniversary edition Founders Service Club pin at Excellence Day on April 24.

Volunteers with four or more service hours will receive a green pin, 20 or more hours will receive a silver pin and 40 or more hours will receive a gold pin.

Visit the Founders Day website to learn about volunteer opportunities and to download your Founders Service Club forms to document your hours.

The three top employee earners will be honored on Excellence Day and the three top student earners, at Honors Convocations.

In a separate but related effort, Auburn Hills SA3 Student Government is celebrating the College’s 50th anniversary with a year-long service project called Serving 12 for 50, featuring monthly service projects anyone in the OCC community can join. Click here to learn more. For more details, contact Jessica Lizardi at

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