Nearly 1,000 People Attend Highland Lakes Diversity and Inclusion Fair


Chancellor Tim Meyer has his blood pressure taken at the Highland Lakes Campus Diversity and Inclusion Fair.

The Highland Lakes Campus drew nearly 1,000 participants to its Diversity and Inclusion Fair on April 2 at the Highland Lakes Campus, Student Center Arena.

The event raised more than $700 for Open Door Outreach Center!

The fair included:

* Human Library — Participants “checked out” a human book (volunteer) who answered questions and shared personal stories on cancer, sexual orientation, different religions, Alzheimer’s and more. The Human Library had 22 human books who were ‘checked out’ 247 times during the five hour event.

* Temporary tattoos from a Henna artist.

* For a donation of $5, participants enjoyed a bowl of soup, bread and a refreshment and selected a handcrafted ceramic bowl made by an OCC student. Donations benefitted the Open Door Pantry.

* Student exhibits on nursing, nutrition, and dental hygiene care around the world.

The event was sponsored by Highland Lakes Campus Diversity and Inclusion Committee and Highland Lakes Student LIFE.

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