OCC ESL Faculty Member Learns In Italy

babilonia_giardino ITALIAN SCHOOL GARDEN

Every year, Italian language school Babilonia, in cooperation with the American Association of Teachers of Italian, awards a two-week teacher study grant to American-based teachers. This year, OCC Faculty member Sarah Lemelin, was selected as one of only three U.S. recipients of this esteemed program.

Lemelin was selected due to her success teaching ESL and Italian courses at OCC. Through creative classroom activities, promotion of Italian language study, dedication to students, community involvement and a genuine appreciation of Italian culture—along with stellar recommendations—Lemelin was confirmed as a natural match to the program.

Sarah Lemelin Italian Faculty Member“I’ve done similar programs in the past, but I’m particularly impressed with Babilonia’s Italian as a second language methodology,” said Lemelin. “The school’s founder and director, Alessandro Adorno, has done a remarkable job of hiring and training teachers. They’re personable, supportive, flexible and fun, but they’re also excellent teachers.”

She adds, their teachers consistently create detailed, interesting and communicative lessons focused on students’ needs, interests and abilities. Instruction is exclusively in Italian even for students who are absolute beginners, providing a true immersion experience invaluable in second language acquisition. In addition, many students rent rooms from local families to further their immersion experience.

Lemelin spent nearly a month engaged in the culture and lifestyle of both Sicily and Rome. Since returning, she has reflected a lot on her experiences in her own classrooms and believes all teachers can greatly benefit from experiencing work from a student perspective.

For more information on courses and programs visit the Babilonia Italian Language School.


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