Enhanced Debit Raider One Cards with MasterCard Feature Being Phased Out



Due to a recent ruling by the Department of Education (DOE) regarding the management of federal student funds, OCC will no longer offer the Enhanced Raider One card with the MasterCard debit feature, effective January 19, 2016.

The BRaider one FAQasic (non-debit) Raider One Card will continue to be available.

“It is only our Enhanced Debit Raider One cards that are going away,” said Sarah Rowley, interim director of purchasing and auxiliary services. “The Basic Raider One card will still remain active and is important as OCC’s official identification card. Students and staff still need the Basic Card for all print/copy permissions, iROC Cash and library card access functions.”

Key dates for closing the U.S. Bank Debit MasterCard program.

Refunds will continue to be processed and issued to Raider One Cards with the U.S. Bank Prepaid Debit MasterCard feature until March 31, 2016. Keep in mind, however, that the last day you can use the debit card feature will be June 29, 2016.

April 30 is the last day funds can be loaded to a U.S. Bank Prepaid Debit MasterCard; December 31, 2016 is the last day to view online transaction history.

Click here for more information about OCC’s Raider One cards. Contact U.S. Bank with any questions at (855) 613-9098


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