Every Summer Has a Story, Write Yours at OCC

OCC Summer 2016 Registration Open

Spring and summer are an ideal time to take advantage of Oakland Community College’s programs and secure college credits ahead of the traditional fall rush.

With more than 100 degree and certificate programs, OCC maintains a low tuition rate for high-quality education – one of the lowest rates in Michigan at 25- to 50-percent lower cost to similar public or private higher education institutions. This puts quality college education within reach. OCC also provides financial aid and scholarships for eligible students.

OCC is an open-admission institution and there is no charge to apply. To help students succeed, educational counselors are available at each of the College’s five campuses.

Registration for summer classes begins March 9.

Students may register for classes online or in person. Access the OCC schedule of classes for more information. The first summer semester runs from May 9 – June 29 with the second semester in session July 5 – August 24, 2016.

Visit OCC’s website to get started or contact OCC at (248) 341-2200 or ces@oaklandcc.edu.

Transferring from OCC to another school?

Many students choose OCC as their college starting point and save thousands of dollars at other schools by transferring course credits. OCC maintains more than 200 articulation agreements with four-year colleges and universities across Michigan. By completing at least one full year of courses at OCC, the minimum admission requirements at most four-year colleges and universities decrease, and ACT and SAT scores are less important in the admissions process.

Helpful links:

New and Returning Student Checklist: https://www.oaklandcc.edu/futurestudents/new-returning-student-checklist.aspx

OCC Academic Calendar: https://www.oaklandcc.edu/schedule/default.aspx

OCC Academic Counselors: https://www.oaklandcc.edu/counseling/default.aspx

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This blog is written and maintained by OCC's Marketing and Communications Department. Submit stories, ideas and feedback to webcontact@oaklandcc.edu.
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