Pokémon Hunters Hitting OCC’s Campuses!

Oakland Community College’s five community campuses are gaining in popularity for Candy, Gyms and Incubators.

Officials note Incense, Eggs and Lures are bringing more bikes, trikes and foot traffic to campus.

Is it the hold on tuition rates that make Pokécoins more available or the promise of Stardust that has students clamoring for more during Fall registration?

Media are invited to make a Pokéstop for a great opportunity to interview students on campus for summer classes and fall registration as well as community members checking out arbor benches, fountains and classrooms.

This a great opportunity to come out and visit!

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1 Response to Pokémon Hunters Hitting OCC’s Campuses!

  1. Nick Rowley says:

    I’m deeply fascinated at this phenomenon. The map is identical to the one used by Ingress (unsurprising seeing how it’s from the same developer) but the popularity is enormous.

    Over at my museum we have had a ton of people,visitors and staff, searching and catching them all.

    It’s kind of delightful. 🙂

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