OCC’s Workforce Leadership Training Goes to the Dogs

Leader dog harnessThe Economic and Workforce Development (EWD) at Oakland Community College (OCC) and Leader Dogs for the Blind are hosting a new leadership training on Sept. 12, 2017.

“Designed for HR and training directors, Harness the Power of Leadership demonstrates how a Leader Dog is trained and the trust that is built between guide dogs and clients,” shares Joe Bommarito, OCC’s business development manager of Economic and Workforce Development. “We then translate this training for business application.”

Harness the Power of Leadership is an employee development program, offered at OCC by Leader Dogs for the Blind, teaching practical leadership, management and teamwork concepts pertinent to the professional community.

“People learn better when they are engaged in the learning process. This program challenges participants to learn the Leader Dog model and its related leadership concepts which helps teams become more productive and cohesive by working together,” explains David Bann, corporate engagement manager for Harness the Power of Leadership.

Bann says the training is both powerful and memorable. “People call me all the time, often months after taking the program, to tell me how impactful working with the dogs has been in everyday business application.”

golden leader dogA mix of highly trained Labradors and Golden Retrievers will participate in the training along with their clients. Program attendees will work directly with a Leader Dog under blindfold and shown new business techniques by a person who is blind. These Leader Dog clients have demonstrated professional success utilizing their experience and the program’s methodology.


“The standard to become a Leader Dog is extremely high. Dogs that graduate are capable of keeping our clients safe regardless of the situation they encounter. The capabilities, intelligence and commitment of each Leader Dog is simply amazing,” said Bann. “We are excited to share this learning with the business community and show them how these same principles can be used to advance people through their careers.”

OCC’s leadership training is September 12, 2017, 8:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. at the Auburn Hills Campus. Pre and post-event networking opportunities and a full breakfast will be provided. To reserve a spot or for more information, email Joe Bommarito at jjbommar@oaklandcc.edu.


leader dog classroom

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