Criminal Justice Department Offers OCC’s First Complete Online Degree Program

criminal justiceOakland Community College (OCC) has expanded its reach and is now offering its first fully-accredited, completely online degree program in Criminal Justice.

The Criminal Justice-Generalist Associate of Applied Science degree was chosen for online delivery based on the versatility of the degree. The degree can be applied to a four-year university transfer or to those students electing to obtain a two-year degree and become a police officer. Students who endeavor to become a police officer in the State of Michigan need to have an associate degree for admission to a police academy if they will be self-sponsored while attending the academy, explains Ken Aud, OCC Criminal Justice Faculty and Department Chair.

“With family or work obligations, many of our students want the convenience of accomplishing their academic and career goals with a personalized schedule. These students want to obtain a degree, but the traditional face-to-face classes often do not work with their many demands outside of the classroom or for those who are challenged by transportation issues or simply geography,” says Aud. “This online program allows us the ability to offer quality educational experiences and competencies to a diverse population and fill a growing need for public service and public safety professionals in our community.”

online and on duty criminal justice

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of protective service occupations (such as police, corrections, and security) is projected to grow 5 percent from 2016 to 2026, about as fast as the average for all occupations, which will result in about 158,200 new jobs.

While this is a fully online degree program, many Criminal Justice-Generalist courses are cross-listed with the College’s other three Criminal Justice degree options, including Corrections, Law Enforcement, and Police Evidence and Technology. Students who enroll in one of these other degree programs can also take advantage of these accredited online class.

Students interested in online learning at OCC must successfully complete a free, one-time, mandatory Online Learning Readiness Course. The three-hour course offers students a hands-on experience of the online learning tool and addresses topics such as time management and technology skills designed to ensure students are prepared for both the rigor and flexibility of online learning.

Click here for more information on OCC’s online learning and the Criminal Justice programs.

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