4 Keys to Success from the Academic Support Center

Midterms are behind you. Whew! Regardless of how you did, you can do even better for the rest of the semester. How? OCC’s Academic Success Center (ASC) offers services and resources that can help you improve or, if you’re doing exceptionally well, can help you help others and enhance your learning along the way!

Here are some proven methods to improve performance:

1. Tutoring: Take advantage of the free tutoring available on every campus. You are eligible for two tutoring appointments per week per class at no charge. Check schedules or, in some cases, drop in for tutoring at whichever campus is most convenient for you. OCC tutors have each invested at least 10 hours in comprehensive training and earned nationally recognized certificates so they are ‘ready, willing and able’ to help you get more out of your classes. The College’s 100 tutors include students, alumni, retirees and field specialists.

2. Supplemental Instruction: “If your course offers the Supplemental Instruction (SI) Leader program, take advantage of it,” said Lisa Nemitz, ASC Faculty, Orchard Ridge Campus. “We have found that this program works best with math, science and gateway courses, providing peer to peer study groups.” Research shows that SI-led study groups contribute to significantly higher GPAs for student participants.

3. Student Success Seminars: Sign up for these free seminars offered at each campus during the day and evening hours. Just-in-time topics are designed to provide strategies for learning, studying, communicating, and goal-setting. “The ASCs offer a full complement of success seminars, including customized workshops for math, science, writing and ESL courses, among others,” said Rosalind Reaves, ASC Faculty, Royal Oak Campus. “And, as an added bonus, many students earn extra credit from their instructors when they attend a success seminar.”

4. Plan with a Professional: Make an appointment with an ASC faculty member for developing student success plans. You’ll get 30 minutes of individualized attention and information on available resources that will guide you to further success.

For many students who are working and attending school and balancing multiple priorities, these opportunities can seem to require even more of your time. But remember, the time you put in on any of these options will reward you with increased efficiency and effectiveness. Do you remember being told that for every hour you spend in the classroom, you should plan on spending two hours studying outside? By midterms, this advice becomes clearer. The ASC understands you’re very busy and offers these proven resources and facilities to help you add new strategies to your study toolbox so you will spend your time more efficiently.

“Working with someone else is most efficient,” Nemitz adds. “Tutoring is for ALL students. Studies show that the average GPA for students who take advantage of tutoring and study groups is 3.0.” The College just completed a five-year study that shows that your GPA and retention rates are higher if you participate in a SI Leader group and/or tutoring.

So what do these resources mean to those of you who are acing your courses? You can give back to fellow students, keep your skills sharp, build your resume and earn some money by becoming a SI leader or tutor. If you’re interested, talk to your instructor or contact your campus ASC faculty to learn more.

Learning to learn improves your ability to master your course content. Get the most out of your college experience by partnering with the ASC.

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OCC Theatre Presents Original Acts in “Love, Hate and Other Oddities”

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If you are looking for a thought provoking, challenging and very entertaining night of theatre, Oakland Community College‘s production of “Love, Hate, and Other Oddities” runs November 2 – 11.

Love, Hate and Other Oddities takes a look at the world we live in through the lenses of a
variety of contemporary writers. Some known to you and others not. But their tales are all funny, tragic, political, heartfelt and edgy. All are important and all will have you talking, laughing and shedding a tear or two.

“Sometimes we need theatre that is light and entertaining, just for the fun of it. Other times, we need to be reminded that we live in a world that’s on the edge and we have a responsibility to change it. This theatre production offers both,” says OCC faculty member Dennis North, Fine & Performing Arts department.

Love, Hate and Other Oddities is a collection of dark, very funny, disturbing and issue oriented one-act plays that are NOT suitable for children.

Show dates are November 2, 3, 4 and 9, 10, 11. All performances are at 8:00 p.m. at the Oakland Community College Smith Theatre, located on the Orchard Ridge Campus, 27055 Orchard Lake Road, Farmington Hills. General admission is $15; students and seniors (age 62+) pay $5.

Advance tickets for all performances are available at occevents.eventbrite.com. Tickets are also available at the Smith Theatre Box Office each night of the performance.

For more information about OCC’s theatre program contact Ken Faulk at (248) 522-3666 or visit the College’s theatre program home page.Love-Hate-EVENTBRITE-Image

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OCC Students Invited to Medical Main Street

medical main street

Southeast Michigan is a center for medical innovation. From St. John’s Providence destroying artery disease with sound waves to Vancive Medical developing post-op dressings that allows for surgical site visualization, our region is a hub for careers in the health sciences, biomedical engineering or medical technology fields.  Who knows—the next medical advance could come from you!

Take advantage of this FREE event and boost your networking connections by attending Oakland County’s Medical Main Street event at the Highland Lakes campus on Friday, Nov. 3. Network with representatives from top health care companies and medical technology firms as well as and learn from leaders during the panel discussion on “Insights into the Healthcare/Life Science Ecosystem,” facilitated by OCC Interim Chancellor, Peter Provenzano. It is the perfect opportunity to apply classroom knowledge to real world situations and build connections that could help add to your future success.

Medical Main Street®, powered by Oakland County, is a vital partner in the life science, biotechnology, pharmacology and health care industries in Southeast Michigan. Event attendees include, but are not limited to, Beaumont Health, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Detroit Medical Center, DPRO Healthcare, HAP, Homedics USA, JEMS Technology, Medical Device Communications, Oakland County Department of Health and Human Services, Oxford Biomedical Research Inc., Oxus Inc. and United Healthcare.

Southeast Michigan is a great area to build your medical technology career! This FREE event is open to OCC students but registration is required. To register, visit the Oakland County event page.

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OCC Surgical Tech Program Receives Award for National Certification Excellence

OCC received distinguished recognition and annual merit award from the National Board of Surgical Technology and Surgical Assisting (NBSTSA) for achieving a 100% pass rate on the Certified Surgical Technologist (CST) exam for the annual cycle ending July 31, 2017.
Recognized in the health care community as the foremost credential for surgical technologists, the CST is required for employment within many local, state, and national health care organizations. Graduates obtaining this national certification demonstrate, by examination, understanding of basic competencies for safe patient care in the operating room.
“We are really delighted to receive this national honor recognizing our highly qualified and hard-working graduates of our program,” said Anita Caponi, OCC surgical technology program director. “We continue to be so proud of our students, program and this achievement!”
OCC’s one-year surgical technology program trains students in the skills necessary to assist in surgical care for patients. Instruction includes a robust academic curriculum encompassing learner-based theoretical education, simulation education, inter-professional education, health care competency assessment and clinical education.

Caponi shares that OCC’s national certification rates have continually increased over the years and hovered in the 90-percent range in recent history – achieving 100-percent is testament to student and faculty work aligning program rigor, critical knowledge and testing skills. A capstone course focused on exam and career preparation including national test-taking skills, resume writing and more has been an important element in student success on the CST exam and employability.
OCC’s surgical technology program is located on the college’s Southfield campus. For more information on the program, visit the department page. Information sessions are scheduled for November 13 and in Winter 2018 on February 6 and May 7.
For information about the CST criteria and examination, visit the NBSTSA website at http://www.nbstsa.org, email lia@nbstsa.org, or call (800) 707-0057.

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OCC Hosts Domestic Terrorism Conference Governor Snyder Delivers Keynote Address

There’s no better setting for a two-day emergency planning conference than Oakland Community College’s (OCC) “CREST” facility, a “city” built specifically to train emergency responders.

More than 275 representatives from at least 60 local, state, and national agencies convened to learn more about domestic terrorism and hear from Governor Rick Snyder, who delivered the keynote address. Local police, fire and EMS departments, Michigan State Police, the FBI, Department of Homeland Security, US Customs and Border Patrol, and military personnel from multiple branches attended a two-day event at OCC’s Combined Regional Emergency Services Training (CREST) facility.

“This conference was a tremendous opportunity to assess the threats we all could face and to learn about the resources we have right here in Michigan that can help with this national concern,” said Gov. Rick Snyder.

The conference was organized and co-chaired by Ken Aud, OCC professor of Criminal Justice and Ken Van Sparrentak, OCC professor of Homeland Security. According to Ken Aud, the conference, Domestic Terrorism – Defending Against the Threat “focused on proactive approaches to combating the continuing war on terrorism in our country.”

“Our primary conference goal was to provide a platform for all agencies at the local, state, and federal level to meet, discuss and share the latest technology and information relative to domestic terrorism. According to the preliminary feedback, we successfully achieved that goal.”

Workshops led by area experts covered a variety of hot topics, from ISIS to Technology and Terrorism, Facial Recognition to Cyberterrorism, Unmanned vehicles to a case study of the Boston bombing, and more. In addition to the workshops, attendees were treated to hands-on experiences including drone demonstrations and robots used for security.

“This event is another way Oakland Community College is reaching out to serve the Homeland Security, Criminal Justice, Public Services, and Emergency Services communities,” said Peter Provenzano Jr., Interim Chancellor. “In today’s turbulent times, this work is critical to the safety and security of not only our community, but also the state and the nation.”

OCC offers both degrees and certificates in Criminal Justice and Homeland Security. For more information on the event and/or programs, please contact Ken Aud, OCC Criminal Justice program chair at kjaud@oaklandcc.edu.

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